สล็อต – Vocabulary

สล็อต games have gained popularity in the last few years. They are quick, easy and accessible. Each online casino games have certain terms and vocabulary associated with them. Before you decide to play any สล็อต games, it is very important to be aware of its terminology, so that you don’t get confused and have knowledge about the games you are entering.

We bring to you the basic terms associated with สล็อต game for better understanding of the game:

1) Blank- It is also known as a ghost and is an empty space on a single reel between two symbols.

2) Credit meter- It signifies the number of สล็อต game credits that are left in your account at any time. It is displayed on the screen of your online สล็อต game.

3) Comps- They are the rewards that are granted to the online สล็อต players such as, holiday tickets, free meals, free credits and many more.

4) Coin Size- It is the value of the wager made.

5) Multi-line slots- They are the สล็อต games with multiple pay lines.

6) Onesies- It is slang used for the players who wager not more than one coin at a time.

7) Paytable- It is a table that will reflect on your สล็อต game screen. It displays the different payouts that the player can earn with different winning combinations.

8) Payline- A normal สล็อต game may have up to 100 pay lines. They are the lines that cross through various reels and touch every symbol.

9) Progressive slots- These are the สล็อต games or machines that have jackpot connected. A player can choose to wager a small percentage of their bet to the jackpot, and anyone can win that amount.

10) Progressive jackpots- It is the reward that a player can win by playing Progressive สล็อต game.

11) Random Number Generator (RNG)– These are the software that generates random numbers in the สล็อต machine. These random numbers decide the positions of the reels and symbols that will appear on your screen, every time you spin the wheel; thus the result of the game.

12) Roll up- Whenever you win at a สล็อต game, you are notified with dramatic music. This sound effect is known as a roll-up.

13) Symbols- Each สล็อต games have image and symbols associated with them. When you get the same image on the centre of all your reels, you win the match. The payout depends on the symbol that appears on your reel.

14) Scatter symbol-  A scatter symbol when appears on the reels, increases the chance to win rewards. They also trigger various mini-games, bonus features and free spins.

15) Wild symbol- Wild symbols are the other features of the  สล็อต games that can increase your winning chances at the game. The wild symbol substitutes all the other symbols and can create winning symbols.

These are the basic terms associated with สล็อต games. However, if you face any confusion or doubt while playing สล็อต games on Riches888, you can contact their 24×7 customer service team.