5 Agarbattis to create a pious setting

Fragrance has always been an important sensory factor to calm the mind and create a serene environment. A pleasant fragrance can stimulate the sense of smell in the right way to create harmonious energy between a person and the activity that he is performing. For decades, an agarbatti has been used in Eastern cultures during various activities to create a favourable atmosphere through the medium of fragrance.

An agarbatti mainly consists of a long bamboo stick that is covered with a paste made of certain ingredients which are burned to create the fragrant smoke. Agarbatti sticks with different fragrances are created by infusing the paste with the desired set of perfume ingredients. Another type of incense stick is known as dhoop where the paste and perfume ingredients are made into a cone or a thick cylindrical-shaped product that is burned similarly.

An agarbatti is mainly used during religious worship or rituals where the agarbatti stick is offered during prayer before the picture of a deity. An agarbatti can also be used for different purposes such as meditation, religious festivals, insect repellent, or simply creating a pleasant environment. Due to its wide range of functions, agarbatti sticks are one of the most popular puja essential items in India.

In this article, we are going to look at 5 agarbatti sticks that can be used for creating a pious environment. These incense sticks are selected from the Mangaldeep agarbatti range which offers a wide variety of fragrances that can be used for different occasions. Select your preferred fragrance from the below-mentioned agarbatti sticks to create the desired atmosphere at your home.

Lavender Agarbatti Sticks

Lavender fragrance can be considered one of the most popular and loved fragrances that can be used for any type of setting. An agarbatti stick with lavender fragrance can be used for different settings such as during meditation or to simply create a pleasant atmosphere at home. Mangaldeep Lavender Agarbatti is a perfect choice since it creates a long-lasting and soothing scent to create a favourable atmosphere.

Marigold Agarbatti Sticks

Marigold is a traditional flower that is offered to various deities during religious prayers and rituals in temples. Having marigold fragrance incense sticks can be of great significance to create an auspicious setting for prayer at home. Mangaldeep Marigold Agarbatti is the perfect choice to create a pious atmosphere during religious worship.

Sandal Agarbatti Sticks

Sandalwood fragrance is the most sought-after fragrance due to its distinctiveness and its ability to last for longer periods. Sandalwood fragrance is a highly valued fragrance due to the rarity of its main ingredient from which it is extracted. Mangaldeep Sandal Agarbatti is a high-quality Agarbatti that creates a long-lasting and deeply pleasant aroma to create a divine experience during each prayer.

Low Smoke Royal Rose Agarbatti

A traditional agarbatti will create a significant amount of smoke to spread the infused fragrance all around. However, low smoke agarbattis are becoming popular to create the same amount of impact with less smoke emission. Mangaldeep Lo Smoke Royal Rose Agarbatti create a wonderful and soothing royal rose fragrance with 80% less smoke emission compared to a traditional agarbatti.

Camphor and Tulsi Agarbatti

Camphor and Tulsi are two ingredients that are known for their medicinal values that can purify the atmosphere and make it cleaner. An agarbatti infused with camphor and tulsi can provide the benefits of creating a desirable fragrance as well as purifying the atmosphere. Mangaldeep Upaveda agarbatti with camphor and tulsi fragrance can create the perfect atmosphere for any kind of auspicious occasion or ritual.