5 Eye- Catching Two-Colour Combinations for Your Living Room

Colours play a significant role in setting the mood of a space. When it comes to your living room, it is the first room that your guests notice as soon as they enter your house. It is the place where you unwind, entertain and connect. Your living room colour scheme should hence give out an inviting vibe and should spark conversations.

It’s high time that you look beyond the neutrals and experiment with your living room colours. This year is all about embracing the optimism and opulence and decorating your home with colours which celebrate life and inspire you.

Don’t know which hues to suggest to your home painter for your living room? Why not use a two-tone colour combination for your living room? We have rounded up 5 popular two-tone colour combinations that you can use for your living room in 2022.

Beach Pink & White 

People who are sceptical to stray away from the pastels and neutrals but still want to make a statement can consider going for this unique colour combination. While beach pink is a fun, energetic and playful colour, white is a timeless colour that pairs perfectly with it and makes your space look elegant and chic.

This two colour combination for living room is great for people who have tropical or bohemian-themed houses. You can consider using hues like white, green, gold and beige when it comes to the décor elements in a living room which has beach pink and white walls.

Olive Green & Cream 

Olive green is another chic hue that professionals from the home painting service you hired might suggest you consider this year. If you want your living room to be the showstopper of your house, then consider painting it in olive green and cream colour. Green instantly makes a space emit a grounded and zen vibe. The best part about this colour combination is that it almost acts as a neutral background and lets you play around with colours when it comes to your furniture.

Sunshine Yellow & White 

Nothing screams vibrance and joy more than the colour yellow. If you want your living room to emit an optimistic and energetic vibe, then consider painting it in yellow and white. You can consider painting just an accent wall yellow and paint the rest of the walls white, if you don’t want to go all out on the bold colour. This two colour combination for living room is perfect for almost all styles of houses like tropical, bohemian, French countryside and vintage-themed houses.

Purple & Cream 

If you want your living room to scream elegance and royalty, then there is no colour like purple. Tell the professionals from the home painting service you hired to pair it up with a chic cream colourto achieve a unique colour combination. People often reserve purple for their bedrooms, but 2022 is all about pushing the boundaries and letting your imagination run wild. A pro tip is to keep the décor minimalistic and let the walls be the showstopper of your living room if you are considering this colour combination.

Indigo & White 

Blue and white is a classic colour combination that has stood the test of time. While blue is a soothing colour that instantly adds a sense of tranquillity to your space, white emits a chic and effortless vibe into your space. If you want to go for this colour combination but want to make it look different, then choose indigo along with white. Indigo will make your space look unique, refreshing and energetic. This colour combination is great for people who have tropical or Mid-century modern houses.

So, which of these two-tone colour combinations are you looking forward to trying this year? Looking for a home painter or a home painting service that will help you create a home that speaks to your soul? Get in touch with the folks at Asian Paints and design a home that inspires you.