accessiBe – Why Web Accessibility is Important in the Digital Space

Accessibility is simply the design of products/services in a way that people with disabilities can navigate and interact with the products. It has become a top priority for all digital spaces that their platform is accessible to those with motor disabilities, visual impairment, hearing impairment, and cognitive disabilities. One of the key purposes of the digital world is that information can be easily spread and accessed by everyone. But when a group is excluded from access because of their disability, then this purpose has failed. Below are some reasons why Web Accessibility is a must.


Equity refers to the quality of being impartial to all who use your product. And web accessibility levels the user experience for all. Tools like screen readers can pass readable information to those who can’t read due to visual problems. It also helps them navigate through digital spaces. Why this is important for all is because there are times when those without eye problems can situationally become visually impaired. For instance, if a foreign particle accidentally gets into your eyes, you will be temporarily unable to use them until that particle is removed. So, the accessibility tool benefits everyone.

Ease of Use

Many companies strive to make their products in a way that users can easily interact with them. Generally, web accessibility improves the user experience of digital products. For instance, people with small screens may have difficulty with text size. Again, a screen reader can smoothen their experience by reading the texts out loud to the user. This way, they don’t have to strain their eyes.

Reach More Users

If your product is not accessible to a group because of their disability, then it’s not serving its purpose as fully as it should. Designing products that are accessible benefits even the product owner: more people will use your service. For instance, text-translate can help those who are illiterate in the primary language with which the site was designed to interact with the product in a language that they understand.

To easily incorporate accessibility in your products, accessiBe has an extremely sophisticated Artificial Intelligence model that makes websites accessible and compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).