Apria Healthcare – Essential Mobility Aids To Help You Walk Unassisted

Depending on the severity of your problems, not being able to walk as you once could can be very frustrating indeed. It is essential therefore that you make the most of the wide range of mobility aids which are on offer to you. If you look at a company like Apria Healthcare for example, they have an enormous range of aids which will get you back on your feet and walking once more.

There is actually a very wide range of aids which can be used, so here is a breakdown of what options you have available.


Broadly speaking we prefer to use crutches for people who have temporary mobility issues, rather than those with long term problems. Additionally we would generally aim towards the younger generation for these as you will require a great deal of arm and upper body strength to keep yourself going. With this being said, crutches offer great support and are very easy to use.

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks are ideal for those who need that little bit of support on one side of the body. These are light sticks which provide a great deal of help to those with hip and knee issues. Walking sticks are easy to transport and carry, plus you can add some style to the stick choice and let your personality show.

Should you require additional support from a stick, you could opt for one which as three or four legs, which will just provide that extra layer of security when walking.

Walking Frames

Walking frames are best for people who have mobility issues on both sides of the body, or around the upper body. These are also a good option for people who would struggle to hold their weight with crutches or with a stick. Frames come with two wheels at the front from easy use, as well as frames with four stable legs which are  best for outdoor use. These are commonly used amongst the elderly and for those who have suffered upper body injuries.


Wheelchairs have been in use for a number of decades now and have helped so many people with mobility issues to get around. If you are younger and relatively strong then you could be given a wheelchair which is for you to use on your own. Older patients can rely on a electronic wheelchair or a chair which needs to be pushed by someone else.

Mobility Scooter

The most luxury option for those who are struggling with their mobility is a scooter. These are powered electronically and they come in a range of sizes. Scooters allow the use to simply take a seat and then control the scooter’s power from a steering wheel and center console. This is the most expensive option but it also offers the safest option to whoever is using the aid.

As you can see, there is a wide range of aids which you can use that will seriously help you to walk, despite the problems which you may be having.