BCFS Health and Human Services Congratulates Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications as She Joins the San Antonio Water System’s (SAWS) Board of Trustees

BCFS Health and Human Services is a global nonprofit organization with a range of capabilities that help people in crisis. The organization has a skilled group of team members that help it drive its mission. It frequently congratulates those employees on their contributions and accomplishments at work and in the broader community. It recently gave accolades to Marilu Reyna, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, who was voted onto the board of trustees for the San Antonio Water System, otherwise known as SAWS.

A public utility owned by the City of San Antonio, SAWS ensures area residents receive consistent and clean water. It was created in 1992 as part of a consolidation of three other public agencies.

In addition to her appointment at SAWS, Reyna is also a board member at Port San Antonio. She filled a vacant seat at SAWS after the city council approved a new appointment to take the seat. She now represents the southeastern section of the SAWS service area, a post she will hold until her term concludes on May 31, 2022. Her appointment caused the Mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg to note You’re going to be a tremendous fit in this era of SAWS.” He also related her work with BCFS Health and Human Services to her ability to successfully help the other trustees to manage the SAWS.

BCFS Health and Human Services is a global nonprofit organization that relies on smart and ambitious employees like Marilu Reyna to help various communities, including:

  • Families in crisis
  • Minors separated from their families
  • Orphaned children
  • Foster or adoptive families
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Adults with disabilities
  • Youth from foster care
  • Low-income parents
  • Homeless youth
  • Expectant mothers
  • Others facing hardship
October 2023