Convert Balcony Into A Room To Maximize Floor Space

Do you feel that you do not have sufficient floor space in the house? There are various innovative ideas you can come up with to maximize the floor space in your home. One of the most popular ideas is converting a modern balcony design into a room. If your home has two balconies or you can live without one, consider turning the space into a room. This is a very common technique used by interior designers to tackle space constraints. Here are a few ideas to transform your balcony into a room:

01 of 06 Turn it into your kids’ room

When you have kids in the house, you will require plenty of space in the house. The modern balcony design can be turned into a playroom for your kids. Create a small cosy space where they can enjoy themselves comfortably. You can either create a seating space by adding a few chairs and a table or just place a bed. If sufficient space is available, you can add both. Pick a fun theme that your kids love to design the room and install beautiful lighting. To give a personalised look, you can hang their artwork, portraits, etc. on the wall. Do not forget to lay a rug on the floor so that they can sit on the ground as well. Also, create plenty of storage space. Since it is a playroom, their toys, board games, artwork, etc. will clutter the room if sufficient storage is not available.

02 of 06 Make it your workspace

Since the pandemic started, many people started working from home permanently. People who did not have an extra room to turn it into a home office created a small workspace in their living room or guest bedroom. Although it is a good idea, you will find it very difficult to work when your guests stay over. To avoid this problem, the best space to create your home office is the balcony. Away from all the distractions, you can work peacefully and at full efficiency. If sufficient space is not available to accommodate a desk, you can opt for a floating desk.

03 of 06 Create a private space for yourself

If your modern balcony design is attached to your master bedroom, you can come up with many interesting ideas to design the space. Depending on your preferences, you can consider placing a comfortable furniture piece like a plush sofa or installing a swing where you can relax and enjoy while sipping on coffee or reading a book. Pay attention to decor as well. You can either continue the same theme you used in your bedroom or opt for something contrasting. Make sure that the place is well-lit as well.

04 of 06 A nursery for your newborn

If you are expecting a new baby and need a nursery in your home, do not panic and start looking for a new home if sufficient space is not available. During the early days, you just need a nursery, which can fit into small spaces. Consider turning your modern balcony design into a nursery. You just need space to place a cradle and a small changing table in the room. Make sure you create sufficient storage space so that all the nursery essentials can be stored in one place and easily accessible when required. Do not forget to choose a theme for the nursery design.

05 of 06 Get a walk-in closet

Many people have dreamt of having a walk-in closet. If you are one of those people and have an open balcony connected to your master bedroom, this is your chance to make your dream come true. A walk-in closet does not require a lot of space and hence, the balcony is the ideal place for it if you do not have extra space in your home interior design. Get a customised walk-in closet design so that it reflects your personality and allows you to store all your essentials. Add a dressing table if sufficient space is available and great lighting for a celebrity-style walk-in closet.

06 of 06 Turn it into a storeroom

If you are blessed with more balconies than you need, turn it into a storeroom. A storeroom is very essential in every apartment and helps to ensure that the apartment stays organised and clutter-free. When sufficient storage is not available in any room for storing all the items, you can just store them in the storeroom. Other items like brooms and mops that can affect the home interior design of your home can be stored in the storeroom as well. Make sure you create additional shelves and cabinets so that the storeroom stays organised.