Dr. Cletus Georges MD – Ensuring Your Mental Wellbeing in the Wake of a Lockdown

As much as we would like to think that this pandemic is completely over, we still have to remember that new variants are being found, and we are yet to see what winter has in store for us. This is why people like Dr. Cletus Georges MD are doubling down on their advice to people with regards to protecting their mental wellbeing. We have already suffered from lockdowns over the last 12 to 18 months, but with winter around the corner this could once again be a possibility. In light of this, we have to take the lessons of the past forward with us.

Staying Mentally Active

One of the biggest mistakes which so many of us made last year, albeit unknowingly, was not doing enough to keep our minds occupied. The change which we faced lead to temptations of relaxing in front of the TV or on the computer, which of course didn’t exactly stimulate us. This is why if lockdown happens again, you must ensure that you are taking steps to keep your brain active and challenged on a daily basis.

Staying Social

A lot of people really embraced the video calling culture but there were many who didn’t like this way of connecting. There is no doubt that this not exactly a great way for us to connect to one another, but it is better than being isolated. Socializing is what humans do and it is something which helps us to stay mentally balanced in so many ways. This is why if lockdown happens again you must ensure that you have embraced video calling and messaging so that you can continue to at least try and socialize.

Staying Active

It is not just your brains which should be active to maintain your mental wellbeing, but also your bodies. Eating a low quality diet and filling to exercise regularly has a deeply negative impact on our mental wellbeing and this is the last thing that we need during a lockdown situation. Make sure that you do whatever you can to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in each day.

Using Hobbies

They say that the devil makes work for idle hands, and this saying essentially means that a bored person ends up doing things which aren’t positive. This is why you should look to rely on hobbies in order to keep yourself in good spirits during the lockdown —should it come around again. We saw last year so many people taking on new ideas and new passions, to wile away the time and to keep themselves busy. It doesn’t matter if you pick up a musical instrument, try out a new language or start baking, anything which you can be passionate about and which you will have to invest time into.

We hope that it doesn’t come to another lockdown of course, but if it does, follow these steps to stay healthy and happy.