How Can a Business Reduce Overheads?

Running a business can be extremely tough. As well as managing staff, a business owner must make sure that money coming in is higher than money going out. While there is no way to reduce expenses, there are several ways to reduce the amount going out each month.Below are just a few examples.

Move Premises

If your business premises is far too big for your needs but you are not tied into a long lease, you should consider a move. There is simply no point in using a quarter or half of the space you have and paying for the privilege. Unless you believe that your business is set to expand in the coming months or years, paying for more space than you need makes no sense.

Lease Rather than Buy

One of the biggest expenses for businesses is the cost of equipment. This could be big machines or commercial printers. Whatever it is, it makes sense to look at leasing rather than buying. Leasing typically comes with regular servicing and repairs too, so that is another area where you can make savings.

Look to Reduce Energy Bills

The cost of energy is rising all the time and businesses are urged to consider ways of reducing their spend. The experts at Vivint Solar say that commercial solar panels make sense for businesses. Not only will it help to reduce energy bills, but it will also show that your business is committed to sustainability. This can be a real plus when it comes to attracting new customers.

Consider Outsourcing

Sometimes, it makes financial sense to outsource rather than to take care of certain operations in-house, such as accounting or payroll. By using a third-party company for specific operations, you can eliminate employee-related costs like pensions and health benefits, and you do not have to worry about cover for vacation days or sick days.

Allow Employees to Work from Home

The global pandemic has seen a massive change in how we work, with more people now working remotely. Where possible, allow employees to work from home as this will reduce your monthly utility bills and may allow you to make that move to a smaller premises. You can offer remote working on a rotating basis so that some people are always in the office. This might mean that staff work one week in the office and one week at home, or that they do a couple of days each week in the office and the rest at home.

Become More Sustainable

As well as solar energy, there are other ways to become more sustainable and which will help to save you money. For starters, you could go paperless, which would instantly save on the cost of printing as well as paper, not to mention the reduction in electricity associated with printing. Furthermore, by going paperless, you will be reducing the need to store large paper files. Businesses can also make small changes that can make big differences, such as installing energy-saving lightbulbs or making sure that all staff switch off computers and laptops at night.


Businesses looking to reduce overheads can do so in various ways. From installing solar panels to reduce utility bills to moving to smaller premises in order to cut rental costs, there is lots that can be done. A business that outsources some of its operations will eliminate the need to pay employee related benefits,while those that allow staff to work from home where possible will reduce their expenses dramatically. Finally, implementing sustainable practices can make your business more attractive, while also helping you to save money.