How can one care for an open terrarium?


Open terrariums are terrariums without lids. Their jars are not enclosed. Plants are in an open transparent container and this makes it very easy and simple to access the plants. If you have been looking for a way to enjoy the fresh air at home, one of the ways to achieve that is through open terrariums. Open terrariums are also good because you can easily water them. After all, they are easily accessible. Open terrarium prevents too many condensations as well. There are ways through which you can care for your terrarium. Here is how you can care for the plants

Caring for open terrarium

It is very important to make sure that you are watering your plant with clean water. To make sure that your plants are watered well, you should consider watering them with a water bottle. You should never make the mistake of watering your plants with polluted water as many plants will get affected. If possible, purify your water or use bottled water. Avoid water that is full of many chemicals and chlorine as well. terrarium workshop Singapore will help you know how to care for your terrarium.

Although open terrariums need to be watered, you should avoid overwatering them. Therefore, you should make sure that you are watering your plants using a syringe. To take good care of your plants and make sure that they are in perfect shape, you should do all you can to prune them. You should never wait until the plants are too leggy, bushy and get out of their rightful space or terrarium.

If you have an open terrarium, you should know that fertilizers are not that important to those plants. What you should do is consider giving your plant some food especially when they appear so weak. For plants that feed on insects, you should fertilize them for nutrients or allow them to feed on live insects. For more about terrariums, visit terrarium workshops Singapore.