How Install Herringbone Flooring And Its Benefits

Herringbone Flooring is a design style that uses all forms of traditions of the 19th century. It is a popular design that has hit the public’s attention. It is the choice of many since it focuses on the traditional styles and products. The product is of the highest quality since before it got into the market, we first travelled the entire world to make sure that what we make will excite our customers. Our product has no difference from that of chevron flooring only that they differ in shape. Chevron flooring boards are always cut at an angle, while herringbone floorboards are cut in a rectangle shape. We have modified our product to have a click button system to make installation cheaper and straightforward. By the click, you will be almost done to install since our boards are made so that you need not use the glues to mount them like others. Hence in any way, if one day you will wish to redesign your house, you can easily take up the board and redecorate the house or your room.

How to install herringbone flooring

Herringbone has excellent installation styles because of its popularity and its relation with natural material products.

  • First, lay down the tiles and make sure they are dry; cut an angle of 45degrees to make sure your cut has excellent measurements.
  • Using the trammel on one point of the centerline, sketch a semicircle across at the far end mark an intersection arc and then use the straight edge to connect the arc and intersect.
  • Measure the lines and make sure they are perpendicular to each other to make a triangle where the herringbone can occupy.
  • Lastly, in the small section, you apply glue and start placing the herringbone tiles.

Why herringbone flooring installation.

  • They add beauty to rooms.

Herringbone is made from a combination of natural materials. Hence they add the best character to the room. In addition, the tiles will bring your room to life by creating a conducive atmosphere; hence there will be no need to go out looking for an extra element like rug wall color to design the house or your room.

  • Their durability and long-lasting

Herringbone tiles don’t wear out since they are made using hardwoods. They are timeless in terms of style and durability. These wooden floors are worth what you pay for them.

  • They have an excellent look.

Their floor is classic. The floor gives the best look to your floor, especially when your house has different colors and textures. They elevate the space of your house into a more customized look and creation.

  • They create a good movement and space in the house.

 They have a zigzag layout which, when installed they produce an arrow movement on the floor. This design brings your house lively. In addition, they create more space for your room which makes it look big than before.

Having the best floor in a house is the best feelings one can have therefore make a great choice to buy from herringbone. We are the best choice and you can never long to trust us. Our floors are long-lasting, do wear out, and are of the best quality, and they come with style.