How to Design the Perfect Custom Graduation Cards

Graduating is definitely a dream come true for all students and, hence, there is a need to celebrate this great accomplishment. There is also no better way to mark your graduation than to plan a party and share your news by sending party invitations to your family and friends. In this post, we provide you with all the facts you need to design the perfect custom graduation cards for your party.


Step 1: Select the Best Theme for Your Style

Your graduation card should have a theme that speaks to your personality. If you are a fun-loving person, try bright colors with artsy shapes and consider bold embellishments if you are more traditionally inclined. Whatever theme you choose, your friends and family should be able to see hints of who you are on the card.


Step 2: Choose a Font and Color Scheme

The right font should match with the background colors and theme of your graduation card, enabling your recipients to easily read the graduation party information on your card. Skim through different fonts and see how they work with your theme.


Step 3: Pick the Photos You Will Include

For the perfect graduation card, consider mixing formal and informal photos in your montage. Formal photos are basically pictures of you in your graduation cap and gown, while informal photos are those of you in your favorite outfits or any of your childhood photos.


Step 4: Find the Best Wording for Your Message

The wording for your graduation card mainly depends on the theme of your graduation party. If it is formal, you should include more formal wordings such as:

(From parents): “All the hard work has paid off. Grace is finally graduating! To celebrate, we are hosting a graduation party, and all are invited.”

For an informal theme, consider the following example:

(From graduate): “School’s done forever! Let’s party!”


Step 5: Include the Necessary Details

While designing your graduation party invitation cards, don’t get too caught up in the styling and forget to include all the relevant graduation details. This may include the time, date, address, and location of your graduation party and any RSVP details. It is also advisable to note the year of your graduation, the name of your degree program, and of the high school or college from which you are graduating.

If you want your guests to reply to your invitation with an RSVP reply card (included in the graduation card), indicate the RSVP-by date and return address.


Step 6: Send Out Your Cards

Finally, give your guests enough time to RSVP, plan their travels, and travel to your party’s location by sending your graduation party invites about 4-6 weeks before the party. Sending your graduation cards late could lead to a lot of empty seats at your party.


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