Know these marketing tactics you can use on Instagram

One of the hardest things to do is keeping up with the social media network changes.  It even has worse today with many of the social media sites unleashing new features within a short span of time. One of the social media channel that has unleashed so many features since its acquisition by Facebook is Instagram.  The latter social media channel has over 1 billion users. It also features many features, and it keeps on changing as time goes by. That said, the following are some of the Instagram marketing features to take note of this 2020.

Instagram video features.

Since Instagram launch, it has gone to add so many video features.  If you have been using Instagram, I bet you are familiar with the Instagram video posts and Buy Instagram Video Views.  These are similar to regular video posts with the only difference being that they allow users to upload videos of up to 60 seconds. On top of that, you get the opportunity of adding filters, a caption, and tagging of your location before you share the post.  It is important to note that video posts create more user engagement compared to photo posts.

Instagram Live Video.

You should know that live video is different from Instagram video explained in this article.  The difference is that live video is live. It works when followers are notified that you will be going live. While you are live, they will get an option of commenting and liking your video stream in real time. You should know that the video would be gone after you end it. It does not save to your account.  One of the advantages of using Instagram live video is that it enables brands to create transparency and authenticity.


Aside from the live video, Instagram IGTV is another new feature for marketers.  IGTV is nothing else but an application within Instagram that enables users to share videos that are one hour long.  It provide something similar to a Television episode.  With more than 80% of content created being video, IGTV provides the perfect opportunity for marketers to display most of their products. Contrary to Instagram video, marketers have only sixty seconds to create a video. It even gets worse as most of the viewers only pay attention within the first 10 seconds.

Instagram stories features.

Aside from videos, one of the recent Instagram feature is the stories features. The stories is one similar to snapchat where users are able to add stories that last for 24 hours periods. Instagram stories appear as little round story content on top of your followers feed.  There is also shopable stories in stories.  With it business get opportunities to tag their products in their photos.  Some of the common stories feature include video recording lasting for u to 15 seconds. Image viewing lasting up to 10 seconds. Not to also mention that direct messaging present within the stories. Another feature is that you can swipe to unlock photos as well as videos from your personal camera.

In conclusion, today you will find many Instagram marketing features to use. Some of them include Instagram stories, IGTV, Instagram live video, and more. These features will make you learn how to buy views on instagram