Self Control& Problem Gambling

At  UFA, you will get a lot of advices regarding gambling. When you fail to exercise self-control while in the casino, it might result in pathological or problem gambling. There are millions of people out there in the world who tend to be addicted to gambling and it is something which can tear families’ part because of financial ruin and even prison time.

According to certain survey which was carried out in Australia in 2008, it found out that, problem of gambling is a large contributor of fraud in the nation, averagely losing about $1.1 million. As per the study, a person who has an addiction for gambling tend to have a higher lifetime risk of committing suicide. It stated that, one in every five pathological gamblers try taking their own life at some point in time.

To be able to prevent personal and financial ruin and curbing the risk of problems that are more fatal, a gambler has to first be diagnosed to have a disorder for gambling. In order for it to be classified as a gambler who is pathological, the diagnostic and statistical manual of the mental disorder says that at least, four of the symptoms have to be demonstrated within a period of one year.

  • Gambling causes the gambler to suffer a lot of financial problems. Because of that, they have to rely on family and friends for assistance in meeting basic needs such as rent and food.
  • When the gambler tries to stop to gamble or to scale back to normal activities, they feel irritable and restless.
  • Instead of having to admit their gambling dependence, the gambler comes up with lies which are elaborate in masking their involvement.
  • When the gambler feels depressed, anxious or otherwise stressed out, they turn to gamble as a way of coping with problems both imagined and real
  • With time, the excitement that is derived from the gambling starts to diminish. For the feeling to be recaptured, the individual starts to increase their wager size. It is something that might work for some time but then the amount has to be increased so that the desired rush is maintained.
  • Because of the gambling, the gambler seriously jeopardizes or destroys their relationship, job or their career opportunity. In most cases, the person will start blaming the setbacks as well as misfortunes on other factors apart from gambling.
  • The gambler tries several occasions in cutting back or stopping on gambling with every time attempts being unsuccessful.
  • In case the gambler suffers financial losses while gambling, they return immediately to recoup their money. It is a cycle which continues until the gambler cannot be in a position to fund for their gaming or they get even.
  • The gambler gets obsessed with the gambling both in deed and in word. When they are not playing for some casino game of chance, they tend to be daydreaming about what they won in the past, getting their plans about their next excursion in gambling, or thinking of their financial schemes to ensure that they fund their bankroll.