Travel Tips for Bantayan Island Tourists

Have a nearby contact orchestrate your reservations, port exchanges, rentals in Bantayan island so you will just hand tips to one individual. Tell him your arranged schedule as he can make recommendations too. It is anything but difficult to locate a neighborhood contact after you have visited Bantayan Island once.


Take Ceres transport from Cebu North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya. Excursions are start at 5:30 a.m. For comfort, take 6:30 cooled transport. Passages extend from Php 55.00 to Php 88.00. In Hagnaya, book a pontoon ticket for Sta. Fe.

Spots to Stay

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is among the most affordable retreats in Bantayan charging only a Php 30.00 extra charge and with room rates as low as Php 500.00 every night. Outdoorsmen can set up a shelter in their outdoors zone for Php 100.00 per night. Their rooms are needing in solace and disinfection. There’s no eatery however one can demand the overseers to cook for them or purchase nourishment for them.

St. Bernard Beach Resort

St. Bernard offers the best quality help among resorts in Bantayan. Arranged nearby a languid network, St. Bernard offers a superb rest for the exhausted voyager. The experience is fortified by the magnificent assistance of resort work force. Food is sensibly valued and the menu offers an assortment of cooking.


Pedal Powered Pedicabs(Trisikad)

Short separation travel, cost between Php 5 to Php 20

Shotgun ride on motorcycle(Habal-habal)

Charges extend from Php 10 to Php 25 inside Sta. Fe. For excursions to Bantayan town and Madridejos, Php 100.00 is the standard.

Lease a-cruiser

Lease begins at Php 200.00/day or Php 35.00/hour to as high as Php 350.00/day or Php 50.00/hour. besides fuel cost.

Lease a-trail blazing bicycle

Php 25.00/hour


For significant distance make a trip starting with one town then onto the next. Passage from Bantayan town to Sta. Fe(or the other way around) will be around Php 20.00. In the event that you need the ride for yourself, costs about Php 100.00.

Pumpboat rentals

For island jumping in islets encompassing Bantayan, run from Php 800.00 to Php 3000.00


Island Hopping

Referred to Bantayan local people as Virgin Island, Silion Island is an isle off the territory. Travelers visit the spot to outing on its peaceful environment leasing cabins based on bermuda-secured yards and white sand shorelines. The rich marine existence of the Bantayan Marine Sanctuary close to its shores make it additionally a decent hop off highlight the individuals who need to encounter swimming.


The Bantayan nightfall is the most awesome dusk I have ever observed. One can observer such stunning second in the late evening at the fishport close to the Bantayan Public Market in Bantayan town.

Bantayan Public Market

Bantayan Public Market is the place you purchase Bantayan Island’s renowned nourishments like the danggit and pusit. It’s likewise contiguous the Spanish-time church.


Danggit, Nokus, Pusit

Bantayan is known for smoked fish and squid. Retail packs are accessible at the Public Market. Another regular supper in Bantayan is grilled chicken and fish cooked in various manners.